Adatvizualizáció az R-ben

Course description
The short course is aimed at providing a practical and hands-on overview of data visualization using R's ggplot2 package. We will cover the core ideas of data visualzation and then implement those in practice using various data sources.

Requirements and pre-course preparations

Basic knowledge of R (but no prior ggplot2 knowledge is neccesary).
Please come with a working R and RStudio (or your preferred IDE) installed on your computer.

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Day 1 (2*90min): core ideas of visualizing data, getting to know ggplot2
Day 2 (2*90min): Staples of data visualization (scatterplots, barcharts, boxplots, etc)1, visualizing statistical models
1: NB: This course will offer no pie-chart related content

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Előadó: Máté Ákos

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